Thermetrics LLC

Thermetrics designs and manufactures precision biophysical instruments for evaluating the thermal properties, thermal protection, and thermal comfort of textiles, garments, athletic and protective apparel, seats, beds, and dynamic thermal environments such as aircraft, truck, and automobile interiors.

Thermetrics growth into the textile testing industry began in 1988 with delivery of a Thermal Hand Manikin System, which was used to evaluate gloves and protective handwear. Thermal Manikin, Guarded hotplate, and flame test systems can now be found at testing/certification agencies, commercial/government test labs, and textile research centers world-wide.

Full Body / Body Parts / Automotive Manikin System

  • Full Body Manikin Systems

  • ANDI Thermal Manikin System

  • Newton Thermal Manikin System

  • Automotive HVAC Manikin

  • Seat Test Automotive Manikin

  • Body Parts Manikins


  • Integrated Chamber

  • Sweating Guarded Hotplate

  • Dry Guarded Hotplate

  • Dynamic Hotplate System

Flame Test Manikins

  • Flame Test Manikin

  • Flame Test Hand

  • Burn Chambers

Radiant Test Devices

  • TPP/HTP Test Device

  • RPP Test Device

  • SET Device

  • CCHR Test Device