Hardness Tester


Macro IRHD System (N,H,L / Durometer Hardness System)

Please contact weehuat.tay@revsolutiontest.com for technical specification.

The MICRO IRHD SYSTEM provides hardness readings on elastomers according to MICRO IHRD. Recommended specimen thickness is 1 to 5 mm. It complies to international standards such as DIN ISO 48, ISO 48 and ASTM D1415. The MICRO IRHD SYSTEM is a hardness testing machine controlled by a Hildebrand MS Windows software.

IRHD Pocket Meter is applied for determining the indentation hardness of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber all around the world. The use of the IRHD Pocket Meter is primarily intended for control not specification purposes (specification see ISO 48).

The patented O-Ring Center Device fully automatically cooperates with the MICRO IRHD SYSTEM. O-Rings with a cord dia. of 0.8 mm to 8 mm will just be placed on the measuring table and pushed to the positioning pin. The cord dia. is keyed into the MICRO IRHD software. Integrated electric motors are exactly driving the measuring table to the measuring axis. This results in measuring the highest position of the O-ring.

The Prism Center Device is designed to measure hoses and cables. It is cooperating with:




X-Table Center device with digital gauge is cooperating with the MICRO IRHD SYSTEM. This fixture is designed to measure small irregular parts.

Two straight pins are used as rest positions for the sample. The sample can be easily fixed with modelling clay.

The digital gauge enables exact measuring at the measuring axis i.e. the highest point of the sample.

The X-Y Center Device cooperates fully automatically with the MICRO IRHD SYSTEM. The system allows measuring of O-Rings and flat materials.

Durometer Shore A, Shore D (Digital, Dial Gauge)

The Hildebrand Digital Durometer Model HDD-1 is our latest innovation for checking the hardness of rubber, plastics and other non-metallic surfaces. The durometer conforms to DIN 53505, ISO 868, ISO 7619 and ASTM D 2240.

The Hildebrand Durometer Operating Stand Model OS-2 allows for accurate and repeatable Durometer readings. It rules out subjective test errors, which may be caused by differing load application forces or non-vertical application of the durometer to the test piece.

Rubber products are essential in almost every industrial sector. Hildebrand launched the Thickness Gauge for Rubber in December 2008. A lot of people underestimate the thickness measuring of Rubber products. They use common Thickness Gauges – not conform to ISO 23529. Therefore significant deviation in the results are inevitable.

The Hildebrand thickness gauge is a cost efficient and easy to use instrument for measuring the thickness of films and foils. The constant force and the gauge resolution of 0,0002 mm enables repeatable readings.

The Hildebrand thickness gauge is a cost efficient and easy to use instrument for measuring the thickness of textiles. The constant force enables repeatable readings. 2 additional contact points are avaliable for measuring the thickness of rubber.