AATCC (Washer and Dryer)

Washer 3LWTW4815FW

Whirlpool washer 10.5 Kg. 3LWTW4840YW Washer from Whirlpool intelligent luxury design to make your laundry is a hassle. Do not force it to washing and cleaning delicate fabrics as well. Ideal for the modern man who wants a fast and comfortable. Guarantee of quality brands such as Whirlpool.

Dryer 3LWED4900YW

Whirlpool is committed to innovation and exploration, to bringing customers the most exciting and valuable products on the market. Design research helps to broaden knowledge and brings innovative answers to the needs arising from the constant evolution of society and technology. The process of examining a problem from all angles and the freedom to experiment with ideas, lead to unexpected solutions and a new vision of the future. Following this work ethic, five renowned and award-winning design projects have been carried out by Whirlpool Global Consumer Design over the last 10 years; these projects have always been received with enthusiasm for their strongly innovative nature and visionary scenarios, and represent the basis for future inspiration and new product innovations.

AATCC Washing Machine (LBT-M6)

Meet Standard:AATCC88B,88C,124,130, 135,142,143,150,159, 172,179

Washing Cycle:Normal , Permanent Press , Delicate for AATCC . Drain & Spin, Rinse & Spin, Customized

Water Control: 25℃~60℃±1℃(wash) Tap water (Rinse)

Washing Load:10.5KG

Power:220V/50Hz/1KW Or 120V/60Hz/1.5KW

Packing Size:700mm*680mm*1040mm

Packing Weight:78KG