HIKRobot Technology

Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd. (Hikrobot) is a global manufacturer and supplier of mobile robot and machine vision products. It is committed to continuously promoting the intelligent level of robots and leading the intelligent manufacturing process.

Hikrobot has more than 1,000 employees across the world (by Aug. 2019), of which about 800 are R&D engineers. Supported by its accumulated technology in image sensing, AI, and big data analysis, Hikrobot develops business areas including Mobile Robot, Machine Vision, and Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

HIKRobot Logistics

Hikrobot logistic vision solutions, composed of smart barcode reader, 3D camera, special designed light source and self-developed code reading software, have been deployed in every logistics process, such as inbound, distribution, sorting, outbound, etc. They give a perfect answer to the problem that modern logistics industry is facing. With high efficiency, high accuracy and traceability, Hikrobot logistic vision solutions satisfy the need of automation and informatization.

HIKRobot Machine Vision

With efforts in industrial vision sensing application and hardware technology, Hikrobot provides customers with leading machine vision products. The products cover industrial camera, 3D camera, lens, vision box, vision controller, industrial smart camera, software platform and related accessory.

Through rigorous EMC, safety and reliability tests, Hikrobot guarantees the high precision, high efficiency and high environmental performance of each product.

The machine vision products are widely used in industrial automation sectors such as consumer electronics, semiconductors and logistics, as a part of the vision applications like positioning guidance, measurement, quality inspection, code reading, OCR, etc. They help users to greatly improve productivity, accuracy and stability.

HIKRobot Mobile Robot

Hikrobot developed the intelligent warehousing robot system independently. Taking mobile robot as carrier, it has launched 4 series of products: Latent Mobile Robot (LMR), Conveyer Mobile Robot (CMR), Forklift Mobile Robot (FMR) and Heavy-duty Mobile Robot (HMR). These products are widely applied in e-commerce, manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, medical care, etc. The company has set its course to serve intelligent manufacturing and in-plant logistics intelligent solutions.

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