Coesfeld Materialtest

Coesfeld is active in the field of test equipment for material tests. Coesfeld development and production of test equipment for material and component tests is our field of activities. Therefore, our core competence is everything related to precise generation and measurement of force, temperature, speed, acceleration, travel and energy.

CNC Specimen Cutter

The CNC controlled milling machine mills norm conform specimen fully automated for Charpy-, Izod-Tests and more. The machine is suitable for milling, boring, cutting, engraving, proportioning, metering, positioning, and many similar applications. Many different cutting tools and accessories appropriate for the applications mentioned above can be installed.

Standards :

ASTM D256, ASTM D6110, BS 2782 P.3, DIN 53 453, EN 20179, EN ISO 179, EN ISO 180, ENISO 8256, UNI 6323

Pneumatic Toggle Press

The pneumatic toggle press allows an exact and effort-saving cutting-out of specimen with forces up to 60 kN.

HDT Automat

The HDT automat allows a fully automated 24/7 measurement of the HDT heat deflection temperature.

Standards :

DIN EN ISO 75, ASTM D648, (DIN 53461)

Vicat / HDT (Integrated Cooling)

The Coesfeld Vicat/HDT IC is a series with integrated cooling automatically measureing the vicat-softeningtemperature and the HDT heat deflection temperature.

Standards :

ASTM D648, ASTM D1525, BSI 2782 (method 120 C), BSI 2782 (method 121 C), DIN 53460, DIN 53461, ISO 75, ISO 306, ISO 2507, NT T 51-005, NT T 51-201, UNE 53075, UNE 53118

DeMattia Test Stand 32

Dynamic test system for determination of flex and crack growth properties of rubber.

Standards :


Coesfeld Tear Analyser (Hydraulic)

The hydraulic Tear Analyser measures fatigue and crack propagation on 1x10 elastomers with the system BAYER. The Tear Analyser represents an instrument, which allows the quantitative reproducible determination of differential crack propagation mechanisms under specific degradation parameters. [1] The possibility of testing up to 10 specimens at a time allows recording a sufficient data base for statistical evaluation in a time efficient manner.

Coesfeld Tear Analyser (Electro)

The electromotoric Tear Analyser measures fatigue and crack propagation on 2x5 elastomer specimen with the system BAYER.

Instrumented Impact Testers

Force instrumented impact test with impact speed measurement and motorized drop height setting. The measurement runs automatically and the breaking energy is provided instantly after impact. The system can be fitted to meet various test scenarios from standard testing to individual component testing.

Brittleness Temperature Tester

Determination of the temperature at which plastics that are not rigid at normal ambient temperature exhibit brittle failure under specified impact conditions.

Standards :

ISO 812, ISO 974, ASTM D 746

Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance Apparatus (ESCR)

This test method covers the determination of the susceptibility of ethylene plastics to environmental stress-cracking. Under certain conditions of stress and in the presence of environments such as soaps, wetting agents, oils, or detergents, ethylene plastics may exhibit mechanical failure by cracking.

Bent specimens of the plastic, each having a controlled imperfection on one surface, are exposed to the action of a surface-active agent. The proportion of the total number of specimens that crack in a given time is observed.

Standards :

ASTM D 1693