Wance Testing Machine

WANCE Group is a high-tech enterprise integrating with R&D, manufacturing, sales, services, and professional mechanical testing solutions providing.

WANCE have the technology and products in China of Electro-mechanical universal testing machine, servo-hydraulic universal testing machine, and automatic pendulum impact testing machine, fatigue testing machine and load calibration testing machine, also we have the top manufacturing technology of high performance and high precision pendulum impact and drop weight impact transducers.

Electro-Mechanical Universal Testing Machine

  • ETM-A Series (50N-5kN)

  • ETM-B Series (10N-10kN)

  • ETM-C Dual Column (500N-50kN)

  • ETM-D Dual Column (50-600kN)

Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

  • HUT Type A (200kN-2000kN)

  • HUT Type B (300kN-3000kN)

  • HUT Type C (600kN-1000kN)

  • HUT Type D (300kN-2000kN)

  • HUT Type DP (600kN-2999kN)

Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

  • HCT Type A (300kN-3000kN)

  • HCT Type B (1000kN-3000kN)

  • HCT Type C (1000kN-5000kN)

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

  • PIT Type J (1J-50J)

  • PIT Type G up to 450J

  • PIT Type H 750J

  • PIT Type A

  • PIT Type AP

  • PIT Type B

  • PIT Type C

Drop Weight Impact Testing Machine

  • DIT Type A up to 300J

  • DIT Type B up to 6000J

  • DIT Type C up to 100,000J

Plastic Testing Equipment

  • HTM Type A 30MPa

  • HTM Type B 500MPa

  • Ring Stiffness

  • HDT/Vicat Softening

  • Melt Flow Indexer

Special Purpose Tester

  • Torsion Testing Machine

  • Flexure Testing Machine

  • Compression Testing Machine

  • Box Compression Testing Machine

  • Multi-Station Testing Machine

  • Ceramic Flexure Testing Machine

  • Servo Hydraulic Compression-Shear Testing Machine

  • Bending Testing Machine

  • Rebar Bending Testing Machine

  • Crep Test Machine