HIKROBOT Machine Vision

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Smart Camera

• Using embedded hardware platform for high-speed image processing

• Implanting high precision positioning and measurement algorithms to detect absence/presence, front/back,

position, size, etc.

• Rich IO interfaces provide access for multiple input and output signals

• Multiple LED indicators indicating realtime status for debugging and maintenance

• Optimized light cup ensures brightness uniformity

• Support multiple communication protocols: Fast Ethernet, serial port, TCP, UDP, ftp, etc.

• CE, FCC,KC certification

Industrial Camera (Area Scan Camera)

A new generation of appearance and structural design that supports installation on four sides

• Implanting rich ISP functions, including lossless compression, noise reduction, CCM, etc.

• GigE interface, with maximum transmission distance up to 100m (without relay)

• Compatible with GigE Vision V2.0 protocol and GenICam standard ,and the third-party software

• CE, FCC, RoHS, KC certification

Smart Code Reader

  • Uses inertial and visual navigation to achieve accurate positioning

  • Supports smooth motions via dual-wheel differential drive

  • Supports multi-level electrical threshold, auto-charge and back to work on battery dependency

  • Multi-safety protection: Contains laser obstacle avoidance and bumper strip