JinJian Testing Instrument

Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co.,ltd is a high-technology enterprise professional in designing and manufacturing polymer material testing machines. All of its products possess self intellectual property rights, some of them have gained national patents. Its hit products- Universal Testing Machine, HDT/Vicat Tester, Melt Flow Indexer, Impact Tester, Ring Stiffness Tester, Hydrostatic Pressure Tester etc. have passed CE, and been sold to more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe and America. The goal of “One Hundred Years Brand” will last always.

Hydrostatic Pressure Tester (JJHBT)

JJHBT is mainly used to determine the resistance of thermoplastics pipes and short-time hydraulic burst to constant internal water pressure at constant temperature. It is applicable to thermorplastic pipes intended for the conveyance of fluids.


ISO 1167, ASTM D1598 and ASTM D1599

Falling Weight Impact Tester (JJFWI-111)

This tester is mainly used to determine the resistance to external blows of the thermoplastics pipes of circular cross-section. Test pieces are subject to blow from a falling striker, of specified mass and shape, dropped from a known height onto specified positions around the circumference of the test piece. The true impact rate of the batch, or production run from an extruderm is estimated. The maximum value acceptable for the TIR is taken to be 10%. There are two test methods : round-the-clock method and staircase method.


ISO3127, BS EN1411, BS EN744, ASTM D2444 and the equivalent.

Ring Stiffness Tester (JJRST)

This tester is used to determine ring stiffness, ring softness and compression of thermoplastic pipes having circular cross-section. It conforms to the requirements of all kinds of plastic pipes, such as structured-wall pipes, PE conrrugated pipes, helically wound pipes, etc.


ISO 9969, ISO9967 and equivalent.

Thermal Cycling Tester (JJTCT)

Thermal Cycling Tester is mainly used to determine the leakage status of composite pipes & fittings when subjected to specified cycling times under specified internal pressure load.


ISO 10508, ASTM F 1335-98 and the equipvalent.

Thermal Tank (JJTT)

JJTANK Thermal tanks are mainly used to determine the resistance of thermoplastics pipes and short-time hydraulic burst to constant internal water pressure at constant temperature. It is applicable to thermoplastic pipes intended for the conveyance of fluids. It is suited to various pipe specimens.

Pipe Opacity Tester (JJPOT)

This tester mainly used to determine the opacity of pipes and fittings.It is an ideal device for pipe manufacturers, research and inspection institution.

Dynamic Pressure Tester (Water Hammer)

JJPCT is designed to determine the behavior of pipes and connections when subjected to cyclic pressure shock. It can satisfy your testing requirements of plastic pipes, such as PP-R, PP-H, PE, PEX, composite pipe and fittings which shall not fail when subjected to 10000 cycles under alternating continuously pressure.

Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine

It is mainly used for cutting and chamfering big pipes, cooperating with pipe extrusion production line, makes it an ideal machine for pipe manufacturer, as well as for quality inspection and research institution.

Wall Thickness Measurement (JJWTM)

It can be used to determine wall thickness for pipes (PE, PB, PEX-AI-PEX, etc) at the max axial depth of 400mm.

Environmental Stress Cracking Tester

It is used to determine the susceptibility of ethylene plastics, as defined in terminology D883, to environmental stress-cracking when subjected to the conditions specified in ASTM D1693-01, under certain conditions of stress and in the presence of environments such as soaps, wetting agents, oils, or detergents, ethylene plastics may exhibit mechanical failure by cracking.

HDT/Vicat Tester

This tester is used to determine the Heat Deflection Temperature of the Vicat Softening Point. All the specimens are charged with a constant load and immersed in a bath, where temperature is increased at a standard velocity. The attained heat resistance rate of plastic material is a widely required parameter for product characterization, for quality control, as well as for evaluating their conformity to the previewed applications.

HIT Series Multi Impact Tester

Charpy/Izod Impact Tester is a high performance impact tester designed to precisely determine the absorbed impact energy and resistance to breakage of plastic specimens.

Piping System Joints Leak Tightness Tester (JJAST)

It is used to determine the leak tightness of elastomeric sealing ring type of joints for buried thermoplastic non-pressure piping systems.


DIN EN 1277, ISO 13844 and the equivalent

Full Notch Creep Tester (FNCT)

FNCT is used to determine the stress cracking resistance of polyethylene materials in any environment. A test specimen in the form of a square-section bar with coplanar notches in each face at the center, is subjected to a static tensile load in a temperature-controlled environment, for example air, water, surfactant solution. The geometry of the specimen is such that plane strain conditions are obtained and brittle failure occurs under appropriate tensile load and temperature conditions. The time for this brittle failure to occur after loading is recorded..

Manhole Impact Tester (JJICI)

JJICI manhole impact Tester is used to test the impact performance of manhole base and manhole wall.

Manhole Mechanical Properties Tester (JJICM)

JJICM manhole mechanical property tester is designed to determine the performance of inspection chamber, manhole frame as well as manhole wall. It can be used to test shear strength and the axial loading performance of manhole base; it can also be used to test Ring Stiffness, flatness and ring flexibility test.

Notch Milling Machine (JJTT)

It is used for preparation of specimen incisions for slow crack propagation test of thermoplastic tubes for fluid transport.

Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP)

RP is used to determine the critical pressure or critical temperature for rapid crack propagation.

Static Constant Loading Tester for Thermoplastic Manhole

Static Constant Loading Tester is mainly used to determine the resistance to the axial static constant load of plastic manhole. A constant force is steadily loaded on the axial direction of the manhole for the specified time, when test is finished, observing the sample appearance (deformation, collapse, crack or crazing), determine the deformation in axial direction and calculate the deformation ratio of manhole.

Automatic Notch Maker (JJANM)

It is designed to notch specimens for Charpy & Izod impact test.

Mechanical Stability Tester

This Tester is used to determine the mechanical stability of rubber latex concentrate, also suitable for prevulcanized rubber latex concentrate. It is an essential instrument required to improve the quality of rubber latex, It conforms to ISO 35 and the equivalent.

Failing Dart ImpactTester (XJB-30)

This tester is used to test the characters of film in the fields of quality control department, R&D department, laboratories, film manufacturers, etc.


ISO7765-85, ASTM D 1709 and the equivalent.

Electronic Tensile Machine (UTM-0400)

This machine is specially designed for plastic film and rubber, for yield stress, yield elongation, breaking stress, breaking elongation and tensile strength tests.

Pneumatic Cutting Press 50kN (JJPM-12)

Pneumatic Cutting Press is used to prepare tensile test sample for plastic, rubber, leather, paper and other non-metalic materials.

Plastic Film Cutting Machine

It is mainly used to make strips of bidirectional tensile film.