King 3D Printing

KING 3D Printing Technology is a high-tech enterprise providing scientific and efficient 3D printing solutions. Kings has been devoted to marketized application of 3D printing since 2008 and has been growing rapidly ever since.

King SLA 3D printers have been well received by many industries, including prototyping, shoe, automobie, architecture, art & craft, ceramics, medical application and etc.

SLA 3D Printer

SLA know ans Stereo Litho Graphy 3D printer. Focusing on the surface of the photo curable material with a laser of a specific wavelength and intensity, from point to line, from line to surface solidification, complete a level of drawing operation, then move the lifting table vertically in the height of a layer, and then solidify Another level. This layer stacking constitute photosensitive resin raw materials.


Transparent 3D printing resin KS158T

KS158T is a transparent resit with properties similar to ABS plastic. This 3D printed material is used in laser SLA 3D printers. KS158T can be used in prototypes and models for automotive, medical, consumer electronics and other products.

3D printing resin KS408

KS408 is a precision and durable ABD-like lithography resin used in SLA 3D printers. It is a master model for the production of common 3D printing materials, automotive, medical, consumer electronics and industrial fields, conceptual models, general components, functional components can be produced.

3D printing resin KS608

KS608 is a commonly used 3D printing material with accuracy and durability. Similar to the plastic properties of ABS, it is used in stereolithography (SLA) 3D printesr. KS608 resin can be used in model making and prototyping of automotive, medical, consumer electronics. & etc.

What's 3D printer can print ?

Shoe Model

Architecture/Building Model

Automobile Parts & Spare Parts


Ceramic & Sanitary Ware

Industrial Prototype

Cartoon Toys

Electronic Products

Medical Model