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Dynamic DWS System

Hikrobot dynamic DWS system addresses the difficulties in gathering accurate parcel

information in express industry. Composed of self-developed high-resolution smart code reader, line laser 3D camera and dynamic weighing module, the system can gather and integrate in real-time the three basic information of each parcel: barcode, volume, and weight. The dynamic DWS system can be seamlessly integrated into existing sorting equipment in distribution centers, automating the process of data collection and parcel sorting.


  • High throughput

  • Traceability

  • Prevision

  • Labor Saving

  • Real-time Alarm

  • High Scalability

Six-sided Code Reading System

Hikrobot six-sided code reading system is composed of ID6000 series smart code readers and an ID7000 series smart line scan code reader, realizing dynamic code-reading on all faces (top/bottom/left/right/front/back) of the parcel, minimizing the need to adjust the parcel manually.


  • User-friendly

  • Robust

Dynamic Scaning and Locating System

Hikrobot dynamic scanning and locating system uses line laser 3D camera, smart code reader and ultra-high resolution industrial camera, to differentiate parcels in the same FOV, reading each code respectively and locating unreadable parcels. When a parcel is rejected due to code reading failure, system will record the failure data and send a visual reminder, guiding operators to manually handle the exception.


  • Parallel processing

  • Visualization

  • High scalability

Inbound Parcel Scanning System

Hikrobot inbound parcel scanning system adopts integration code readers, coupled with a vision controller, to realize the parallel code reading of a large amount of parcels and record the image of each shipment waybill in the same time. Another possibility is to use ID6000 series smart code readers and an Android code reading controller to constitute the system. This system is capable of scanning over 10,000 parcels per hour, which provides better efficiency than a conventional inbound scanning system with multiple operators manually scanning barcodes by handheld barcode scanners.


  • Efficient and stable

  • Cost-effective

Cross-belt Sorter Dynamic Scaning System

The cross-belt sorter dynamic scanning system uses single smart code reader with 4K horizontal resolution and a high-speed processor. A single smart code reader can cover 740mm x 390mm FOV and up to 400mm DOF, which meets the optical requirement of small cross-belt sorters.


  • Efficient and stable

  • High speed

  • Flexible customization

Static DWS System

Hikrobot static DWS system, integrated with integration code reader, binocular 3D camera and a static scale, can realize the collection of volume, barcode and weight information through non-contact measurement, which contributes to objective and accurate data result.


  • Efficient and objective

  • Data Comprehensiveness

  • Appropriate Charging

Equipments for Logistics System

Self-service Terminal

Smart Code Reader

Code Reading Light

3D Camera

Code-reading Algorithms