About US

RevSolution Sdn. Bhd. is set up by a group of engineers with the vision to revolutionize the concept of testing and provide up-to-date product quality testing solutions for various industry.

We provide full range of testing equipment for various industry including AI Automation Robot, Automotive Parts, Furniture & Office Chair Testing Equipment, Metal Tester, Material Analysis Tester, Machine Vision System, Pipe Testing Equipment, Plastic & Rubber Tester, Paper & Packaging Tester, Flame Resistance, Colorimeter & Spectrophotometer, 3D Printer & Prototyping, Textile Consumables, Hand-tools Tester & etc.

Our products include general equipment likes Universal Testing Machine, Dynamic Tester, Torque Tester, Fatigue Tester, Plastic & Rubber Properties Equipment, Packaging Testing Equipment, Pipe Testing Equipment, Printing Solution, Metal Testing Equipment, as well as, specialized customization equipment for Office Chair, Automotive Parts, Bicycle, Baby Stroller & Hand-tools.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customer with best quality equipment and outstanding after sales services.

Our Strategic Partners