SDC Enterprise

SDC Enterprises are the manufacturer of premium quality colour fastness testing consumables for use in BS, EN and ISO test procedures. Specified by many major retailers, SDC products have become the industry-standard, world-wide, for those organisations wishing to invest in the quality and value of their brand or product.

SDC Multifiber DW Fabric

SDC Multifibre DW can be used as an adjacent fabric in many of the ISO 105 C Series and E Series of colour fastness tests and also meets many chain store fastness test specifications. It is produced with a narrow weave construction and contains the following components; secondary cellulose acetate, cotton, polyamide, polyester, acrylic and wool.

SDC Multifiber LyoW Fabric

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SDC Standard Test Fabrics

Adjacent fabrics are manufactured to ISO 105 specifications and tested for historical continuity using external standards.

SDC Light Fastness Fabric

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SDC Detergents and Auxiliaries

Processing methods are the basis for provising maximum consistency of SDC standard reference detergents. Mixing in solution followed by spray drying gives, we believe, superior results to the dry mixing of powders, with the additional benefit of producing a fine powder that is easier for the user to dissolve.

SDC Testing Chemicals

SDCE can now provide the full range of chemicals required for the test methods in BS EN ISO 105. For use in colour fastness testing.

SDC Martindale Consumables

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SDC Assessment Aids

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SDC Phenolic Yellowing Products

For BS EN ISO 105X18:2007 Textiles - Assessment of the potential to phenolic yellowing of materials.

Based on a method developed around 1985 by Courtauld's Research this test can be used to screen fabrics for their susceptibility to exhibit Phenolic, or elusive, yellowing-where garments or fabrics exhibit yellowing making them unfit for sale without re-processing.

SDC Textile Testing Miscellaneous Products

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