RevSolution Sdn.Bhd. is set up by a group of engineers with the vision to revolutionize the concept of testing and provide up-to-date product quality testing solutions for various industry.

We provide full range of testing equipment for various industry including AI Automation Robot, Automotive Parts, Furniture & Office Chair Testing Equipment, Metal Tester, Material Analysis Tester, Machine Vision System, Pipe Testing Equipment, Plastic & Rubber Tester, Paper & Packaging Tester, Flame Resistance, Colorimeter & Spectrophotometer, 3D Printer & Prototyping, Textile Consumables, Hand-tools Tester & etc.

HIKROBOT Logistics

HIKROBOT Machine Vision

HIKROBOT Mobile Robot

3D Printing & Prototyping

Automotive Testing System

Colorimeter & Spectrophotometer


Food Packaging Testing Equipment

Furniture Testing Equipment

Hand Tools Tester

Hardness Tester

Materials Analysis

Metal Testing Equipment

Pipe Testing Equipment

Plastic Testing Equipment

Rubber Testing Equipment

Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Textile Testing Equipment

Thermal Testing Equipment

Universal Testing Machine


Computer Controlled Servo Motor System Universal Testing Machine - 50T (500kN)
Dynamic Fatigue Test on Bicycle Seat (Low Frequency)
Office Chair Endurance Tester
Office Chair Arm Rest Tester

RevSolution Sdn. Bhd. is the distributor for the below brands in Malaysia.